PTMI specializes in variety of related services to suit your mapping and surveying needs














PTMI operates a 2011 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. This low hour aircraft has dual 50cm STC’d survey holes to allow for a variety of sensor installations. The aircraft is also equipped with a dedicated 50 amp power and GPS panel to allow for quick installations.

The aircraft is also outfitted with the luxurious Oasis leather interior which meets the needs business executives and weekend travelers alike. The seat configuration is with 6 + 1 deluxe passenger seats that will provide the most comfortable of passenger charter needs.

Please contact PTMI for enquiries related to aircraft charters.




LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is one of PTMI’s premiere offerings.  PTMI owns and operates their own LiDAR systems.  PTMI has extensive experience using both fixed wing and helicopter platforms depending on the scope of your project.

LiDAR technology is one of the most accurate and efficient ways to capture large-area topographic data. LiDAR data collects huge amounts of information over your project area with vertical precision in the centimeters.  This data is used to produce a variety of deliverables to meet your needs.  Please feel free to enquire on how PTMI’s LiDAR professionals can assist you with planning and executing your project.


LiDAR_Archaelogy     LiDAR_Urban     LiDAR_Engineering     LiDAR_Natural_Resources     TLS     LiDAR


Our surveyors have a diverse expertise in many applications: cadastral surveys, aerial survey ground support, engineering, construction, topographic surveys, route location surveys, geodetic/control surveys and hydrographic surveys. Their knowledge of both local and national areas combined with their commitment to developing our communities has built a strong base of reliable service.

1. Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying, land information and data management are integrated services provided for land development, subdivision, resource development, and administration.

2. Terrestrial Laser Scanning

PTMI’s Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) capabilities allow for rapid 3D measurements over larger project areas. With the collection of thousands of points per second, this cost-effective technology is ideal for small to medium size topographic surveys, volume/reconciliation surveys, stockpile surveys and architectural modeling.

3. Enginering Surveys

Engineering surveying services such as setting-out surveys, alignment checks, subsidence/deformation monitoring and route location surveys provide the foundation upon which our clients manage their building and infrastructure projects. Our experienced personnel utilizing the latest technology, provide specialized services to meet your needs.


PTMI_Survey             PTMI_Road



With a combined experience of over 50 years, PTMI’s photogrammetric specialists provide our clients the required 3D mapping deliverables required for their projects.

Digital Orthophoto

From high resolution airborne digital images, image rectification and enhancement to the final orthophoto product, PTMI’s Image Processors deliver a quality, customized product in a cost effective manner. Softcopy output in most popular raster formats can be used in both CAD and GIS environments to compliment information databases.




1. GIS Databases

Our GIS specialists are able to handle full cycle database development.  Depending on your needs they will help develop your GIS project or they can simply maintain or add to your existing database.  The resulting GIS systems can either be run on desktops or on the internet as web-based applications.

2. GIS Training

Our GIS technicians can help roll out your project to your in-house experts or simply conduct introductory, basic-user training.  This enables you to have a one-stop GIS solution for your company while helping your managers and staff to be able to be more efficient with your own data.

We provide tailor-made courses in selected GIS software packages, both in Bahasa Indonesia & English.

3. Data Compilation/File Conversion

Our mapping technicians can compile data from virtually any spatial dataset into a common format ready for use in mapping software. Specialized services include data integration, data format conversion, datum and projection transformations, image mosaicking and colour balancing.


PTMI_GIS            PTMI_GIS_Mapping_Software


Our experienced technicians can acquire and process satellite, RADAR or other digital imagery to integrate data layers from remote sensing systems with GIS data. This is an efficient way to acquire information for large geographic areas or time-critical applications.


PTMI_Ortho            PTMI_Remote_Sensing