We are experienced in full cycle surveys for mining areas.  As a key survey provider for mining in the region, PTMI have experience from exploration to active monitoring to reclamation phases of your mining project.

We can help you design the best survey for your needs whether it’s a quick DTM to help your bore hole survey or high detail in the most challenging terrains.  We are experienced in all types of surveys!

PTMI will get you the best results for your mining survey whether at sea level or at 3,000m!

Geothermal/Oil & Gas

PTMI have an extensive list of companies that we have completed surveys for.  Our specialized approach for aiding in the project design for Geothermal is why PTMI is the company that the industry relies on.  

Oil & Gas on-shore or near-shore surveys is where PTMI excel.  We have the sensor flexibility to complete your survey with the highest detail required.  Our experience is unmatched in the region, which makes PTMI the “go to” provider!

PTMI are the "go to" company when it comes to Geothermal surveys!


The plantation and forestry sectors require sophisticated data to manage and predict yields.  Whether it’s vegetation inventories, yield monitoring or silviculture rotations, PTMI’s high resolution LiDAR and imagery can help you monitor your Management Unit like never before.  Individual tree heights, crown radius’, stem diameters, invasive species and biomass calculations are just the start of what you can track with the right data set.

PTMI employee experienced technicians with forestry backgrounds which give us a unique position to tailor deliverables specifically for plantation and forestry clients.

PTMI's forestry expertise is unsurpassed in the region. Talk to us about designing your next forest related project!


When it comes to mapping civilizations, PTMI’s reputation speaks for itself.  We designed surveys to help find civilizations lost since the 9th century.  There is no question that PTMI can model modern spaces with our state-of-the-art sensors. Our professional staff can help design your project today.

PTMI was featured on National Geographic and The Learning Channel, amongst others, for its’ work in archaeology particularly in Cambodia.  Talk to us for links on this amazing work that helped archaeologists crack the 1,000 year old mysteries lost in the jungles of SE Asia.

Award winning proof, that we are the best when it comes to specialized surveys!

Ask Us How We Can Design a Project to Provide You With the Tools to Manage Your Sector!