Specialized Services


PTMI utilizes drones for special projects.  The limitation of drone payload and flying time constrict the size of projects that can be undertaken using this technology.  

The main focus for this technology is small area mapping or monitoring that compliments the larger scale specialties that PTMI offer.  Whether its aerial photo only or a combination of LiDAR and aerial photo, we can assist with your project.

UAV specialties for the smaller scale projects

Bathymetric LiDAR

PTMI is the first company to utilize Bathymetric LiDAR in SE Asia.  We have completed several projects surveying both ocean and inland waterways in Indonesia with great success in varying water conditions up to 20 meters in depth.  An optional second system can be combined and fitted into our aircraft to reach as deep as 50 meters to the ocean floor.

Our LiDAR system is able to convert into a shallow water airborne bathymetric system.  This particular technology allows us to survey both topographic and shallow water areas simultaneous.  It is the perfect compliment to deep water multi-beam bathymetric surveys and topographic surveys for a continuous, high accuracy data set.


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Geomagnetic, Gravity and Radiometric Surveys

For those special exploration projects, PTMI has the tools and expertise for you.  PTMI can mobilize the tools you require for exploration.  

PTMI uses the best Geomagnetic and Radiometric systems utilizing a world-class post processing team to ensure you get the critical data for your project.  Gravity survey requirement?  No problem….we can help plan and execute that as well.

Exploration requirement utilizing specialized equipment? We have you covered.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery is a cost effective way to get initial data to start any wide area project.  PTMI’s professionals can help acquire, interpret or organize the data for your team to utilize downstream.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS systems are the key to managing any geographic project data.  PTMI’s trained GIS professionals can help populate or even develop a system to monitor your project.

Using any of the main GIS software suites, our data is perfect for integrating into your GIS system.  Whether you are layering, calculating or monitoring, contact PTMI to enhance your GIS. 

GIS is critical for data management. Let us help you today!