Aircraft Lease

Aircraft Lease

PTMI owns and operates a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan.  Our aircraft is fitted with the executive package for the most comfortable travel to your destination.

The Cessna 208B is fitted with the latest avionics including the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.  This ensures the most challenging flights are conducted in the safest manner using real time satellite weather monitoring and the Garmin TAWS-B (Terrain Avoidance and Warning System).  

Setup configurations with PTMI’s aircraft are for passenger or survey charter.

Have somewhere you want to go? Take our aircraft with you!

Survey Charter

Our Cessna 208B has been modified specific for survey with an FAA approved STC.  The dual 50 centimeter radius survey holes are compliment with a dedicated 60 amp dual power panel and dual L1/L2 GPS antennas.

Our professional team can work with you to fit your equipment into our aircraft or in combination with our variety of survey equipment in any number of setup configurations.50

We can accommodate a variety of survey configurations

Passenger Charter

PTMI’s Cessna Grand Caravan can accommodate up to 8 passengers with executive comfort.  The seat configuration to accommodate intimate in-air meetings while enroute or a relaxing sight-seeing flight. 

Treat your guests like the Executives they are