Aerial Photography

Aerial Photo

PTMI employs trained professionals armed with the best data analytic techniques to make any GIS project a success.  Our in-house processing allow the GIS professionals to directly relate project specifications to the vectorizing technicians to ensure that the input data exceeds your expectations.  

Our top rated equipment also ensures that the GIS layers are where your data shows they are so when you get to the field, you are confident the planning and monitoring work is as accurate as the real world results.

Detailed spatial information is the base for all projects
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An accurate DSM gives you above ground accuracy to accurately define details such as vegetation or structures such as buildings.  This can be useful to further derive height above ground for different project requirements.

Standard LiDAR deliverable

Near Infrared/CIR Imagery

DTM, or commonly referred to as “bald earth model”, is the generally the most desired product from LiDAR.  This data gives us incredible insight to what the terrain looks like under the vegetation or without buildings. 

Standard LiDAR deliverable